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All fares were last recorded on Aug 18, 2022 EST. Fares are round trip. Fuel surcharges, taxes & fees, as well as our service fees, are included in the fares.The fares displayed are based on historical data and cannot be assured at the time of booking. Refer our booking terms & conditions.

Business Class Flights

Years of hands-on premium travel management expertise separates us from our rivals. Air Fare Buzz will meet your travel needs to Europe, Asia, Australia, New Zealand, the Middle East, Africa, the United States of America, Canada, and South America. Because of our signed contracts with over 21 Foreign Airlines, we have the opportunity to quote almost every itinerary to satisfy your specifications. We will combine carriers to optimize your travel budget while still facilitating the fastest route to your destination. Air Fare Buzz is an approved travel agency that issues all tickets in-house, including E-Tickets up to two hours before departure!

Your own Air Fare Buzz travel agent will follow you every step of the way. From looking for flights to booking flights, collecting tickets, scheduling adjustments, making day-of travel plans, and preparing your return journey. We've got your back! Other providers will vanish as soon as you pay them. If you need to make adjustments or postpone, you will be left hanging. Your loyal travel agents at Air Fare Buzz are here with you from the moment you call before you return home. There's a reason our clients keep coming back to us with more of their travel needs.

We will have our best fare on your favorite carrier as well as two or three options on rival carriers. We only partner with reputable business leaders who are known for offering outstanding in-flight comfort. You can have access to a private lounge, open bars, bathrooms, completely lay flat seats, gourmet dining, and many more. Fill out our travel form or call us directly for a quick quote. We are excited to collaborate with you!

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Disclaimer :- All the fares displayed are in USD and include all taxes, fees and applicable surcharges. All prices are per person, based on economy class weekday travel (Monday - Thursday) from the USA, and depend on the chosen class of service, departure city, airline and the route (lowest transatlantic fares are usually from the East Coast; transpacific fares - from the West Coast). The maximum allowable stay is six months. Please call our toll-free line for current best prices and additional details. Savings up to 50% off are indicated off the full unrestricted published airfares of major airlines and may vary based on individual fare rules. Some airlines may impose additional baggage charges. The fares are subject to seat availability in the corresponding booking inventory.

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